Jeremiah 17:9

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes If I do not know you, and if I cannot know you from what this dark world knows, then how can I say those sacred words? I will not trust what I see; I will believe in the unseen—in Truth reigning from eternity to eternity, whom at present only my heart-eyes can see. He has given me this love, His love, for the queen you are destined to be.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Twilight was upon the gods once more. I AM had re-established the rule of the princes of earth and appointed them to rule to the utmost corners of the seven oceans. The earth was given to them as their dominion, but in the spirit of the First Rebel they sought instead to enter I AM’s Court. One in their wickedness and hubris, they built a mountain of bricks in the manner of the Holy Mount and a city in the manner of the Garden-Court, declaring to the children of man that divinity was grasped by their own hands.

1 John 5:4-5

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes If I am called to hard places—to where the shadows are thicker than the poisoned air all the dead breathe, to where the fallen suns’ reign over the hearts of the dead is strongest, to where the War in the realms unseen crosses over most palpably into what even the dead can see—how shall it be for you and me?


Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes She never truly knew her husband. The one who had chosen her for himself, the husband of her youth, when she was mired in unfaithfulness, was a prince. In her blindness she could not see the vastness of his splendor nor could she hear the shouts of his fame. He was a king like no other, yet she sought after other lovers and bore the children of men who were not her husband.

1 John 3:2

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes The Way is not easy. The dead are cut off from it, and the Living can only walk it by Life and Life’s power restoring and renewing them from within. We walk—held and kept by the Helper, without turning to the left or to the right, without turning back.


Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes The god of this new world remained unchanged, and the keening of the Wailing Waters did not cease. Soon the Shining One would have new pantheons of gods to serve under him and the powers and principalities under his command. Although I AM’s Tapestry of Colors declared His Mercy, the gods did not take heed. And we are all the sons and daughters of this lineage of cursed kings and queens. Yet all this was written long ago in the Song of songs.

1 John 2:15; 17

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes The shadows of my former being fall away with each passing moment, and soon only what is true and eternal shall remain. Yet you belong to a world of mist and vapor, a thin phantom, a vanishing specter. The remnants of death in me are capable of receiving your touch, but Life living in me cannot tolerate death and will not suffer me to be charmed once more by its lullaby. I belong to Truth, so I speak only what is true when I say I cannot love you.

1 John 4:5

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Can you hear me? If you can hear me, can you hear my voice clearly? If you can hear my voice clearly, can you understand what these words mean? If you can understand what these words mean, do they make any sense to you? If they do make sense to you, do they speak to your heart? If they do speak to your heart, your heart of hearts, will you step into the Light?


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Her king has set out to conquer—to conquer not only her but all the lands that are rightly his and everything within them. He is not only teaching her how to walk in his light, but he is training her how to run in his strength. He is not only tracing her hands to know his touch, but he is guiding her fingers to wield his power. He is not only touching her lips to remind her of his love, but he is filling her mouth to purify her with his word.