The Song of Songs: Faithful Renditions

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes For any myth to truly be a myth, as men in the days before this Last Age perceived myths to be, it will inevitably contain echoes of the True Myth, but we as mourners of I AM must clearly and unmistakably sing the Song of songs. Unfortunately, most of the tribes among the Younger Scribes reject any song that does not clearly speak from the Songs of the Word. They reject all myths, forgetting that they are called to be guardians and heralds of the True Myth, that the Songs of the Word are the inspired revelation of I AM’s myth to His people.

The Song of Songs: True Myth and Its Echoes

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes O, if the dead could hear, their stone hearts shall begin to beat! Can you hear the same song in the groans and cries of the Wailing Waters? The same song leading the Kingdom’s armies on their march to restore these Lost Lands to the True Sovereign? The same song that brought forth reality and set all the universes in motion? The Song of songs, the Song of I AM.