1 John 3:2

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Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared;
but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.

|| 日本語 ヨハネの手紙Ⅰ 3:2 || 한국어 요한일서 3:2 ||
|| 繁體中文 約翰一書 3:2 || 简体中文 约翰一书 3:2 ||
|| Tagalog 1 Juan 3:2 ||

January 09, 2020

Dear Moon,

Has the quickening of your heart already begun? The Breath of Life like a whisper drawing you closer to wakefulness? Have the scales in your eyes begun to crack? The colors beyond the shadows dancing like the first rays of dawn shining through these false skies?

Can your heart hear the first notes of Love’s Song of songs echoing in the deathly silence? Can your soul feel the first signs of spring blowing across the wilderness to herald the promised rains? If true wonder has sprouted from the rocky soil of your stone heart before, then the Helper is at work in tilling your heart, all for the day when the seeds of Truth that I AM has sown (long before the music of the spheres began) will awaken and grow into a new heart born to sing a new song. As the King of Life conquered Death in dying, so will your song begin from mourning. Through the gaps in the stolen heavens of this Twilight Vale, glimmers of Truth shine upon the dead with the brilliance of a trillion galaxies, so that they are without excuse for their willful blindness. Through the cracks in the stolen heavens of your soul, these glimmers of Truth stab into your soul to awaken you from the sleep of the dead.

We walk—held and kept by the Helper, without turning to the left or to the right, without turning back.

Like a child’s new life in the light outside the darkness of the womb begins with pain as it is expelled violently by the only world it has ever known, so will the Breath of Life enter your soul when the anguish of your wretchedness is no longer hidden from you and leads you to cry out for Life to come to your rescue. You will search desperately for mercy, and Mercy will be there to turn your despair into His Joy.

You shall be found by Life, you shall come to know Life, and you shall come to Life.

I long to welcome you and to walk with you among the Living. If the Weaver has woven our lifesongs together, it will be my joy, honor, and delight to sojourn with you until the War’s end (no matter how the chapters of our story in this Twilight Vale will read, for all whose songs have been woven into His Song of songs shall be together with Him for eternity). Life in the Light is harsh, not only because you have changed your allegiance in the War, but Light will not stop until all of our darkness has been burnt away. He shall burn the curse hiding even in the most secret corners of our souls by His own hand—leaving scars of beauty like His own if He must. He will not be content with a repentant maid, for He conquered to raise up for Himself a queen! He commands us to follow Him down the same royal road He tread, the Way that gives birth to true kings and queens. 

The Way is not easy. The dead are cut off from it, and the Living can only walk it by Life and Life’s power restoring and renewing them from within. We walk—held and kept by the Helper, without turning to the left or to the right, without turning back. For on the day we can finally see the Light of the Worlds face to face, then our true faces in the mirror of our heart of hearts will have become truly our own—radiant with the glory of the Son.