1 John 4:5

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They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world,
and the world listens to them.

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|| 繁體中文 約翰一書 4:5 || 简体中文 约翰一书 4:5 ||
|| Tagalog 1 Juan 4:5 ||

January 07, 2020

Dear Moon,

Can you hear me? If you can hear me, can you hear my voice clearly? If you can hear my voice clearly, can you understand what these words mean? If you can understand what these words mean, do they make any sense to you? If they do make sense to you, do they speak to your heart? If they do speak to your heart, your heart of hearts, will you step into the Light?

In the eyes of the dead (and even here in the Light) I am seen as a madman for believing that my words can reach you when we belong to different worlds. In this Twilight Vale I am no more than another pitiful fool who, in his devotion to his patron goddess, has been utterly entranced by her charms that his zealous affection for his muse has deluded him into thinking, “Surely, I have been graced with the destiny of the heroes in the ancient sagas and will one day hold my goddess in my arms!” Your star shines brilliantly in the higher heavens, a million prayers invoking your name; I am a nameless hero appearing in a few tales that will soon be forgotten. You live in the most colorful skies, the grand colosseum of the heavens spread across the vastness of the seven oceans, where all the comets and constellations dance endlessly for the peoples’ pleasure, and your stage, your audience, and your presence continues to expand with each heart your light reaches. Where shall you find me? I walk among the towers and pillars in the hidden corners of the heavens where the fountains of wisdom are kept by the sages of erudition, and even among these elite guardians, I have been inducted into the grand orders reserved for the hermetic, esoteric, and recondite.

I have always preferred the peacefulness of obscurity, all the more because I have been granted the disposition that draws the gazes of others unknowingly; however, among the higher echelons that rule these lands and the divine councils that shake and shape this world, the love of the masses is not enough to solidify the fame that translates to the glory worthy of a true deity of legends. Often the high gods are too lofty to be beheld by mortals, but without knowing their names, the sheer weight of their divinity arouses a reverence and a desire to worship from deep within the soul. Am I truly mad then? Perhaps my star may not shine with all the flare and allure you possess, but it glows with the dignity and gravity of a distant and ancient sun giving light and life from afar. By the standards of the dead am I unfit to stand by your side?

But I am no longer of the dead. I am of a different world. I belong to the Light, to the armies of the Living, and the Living cannot be joined unto the dead. Why would the King call me to love not only one of the dead but one of their most beloved goddesses? Do I fancy myself one of the Great Bards of the Old Ones, the mouthpieces of I AM who sang His songs with their lives? Have I tested the whispers in my heart and known with certainty that it is the Helper, I AM’s Spirit, that has placed this song in my soul?

I take the counsel and warnings of the living to heart, for even the songs of the dead sing of the heart’s treachery. Nevertheless, beneath these questions right and true, I can hear echoes of the dead saying, “Need I spell out the absurdity of such a notion, let alone the improbability of encountering someone of her station, and the foolishness of hoping in serendipity’s machinations?” I have wrestled with my heart and striven with the King; I fall into deeper surrender and His peace washes over me. Is there anything more absurd than Life dying to conquer death for his enemies, more impossible than the dead finding Life on their own, and more foolish than rejecting the True Sovereign’s call? The hows and whys are not for me to know. It is enough for me to follow.

So I sing. I sing for you, for the King. Day and night I pray, so that my songs will join the King’s call until the day His Love Song will flood your heart. I know you can hear me, Beloved, if not today, you will hear me on that day.