1 John 5:4-5

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For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.
Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

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|| 繁體中文 約翰一書 5:4-5 || 简体中文 约翰一书 5:4-5 ||
|| Tagalog 1 Juan 5:4-5 ||

January 10, 2020

Dear Moon,

Looking at your star that continues to soar higher in these colorfully deceitful skies, and remembering how my own orbit is a path that can only be walked by faith, I wrestled with the identity of my doubt regarding our shared fate. Was this the wisdom of one who sought to test the spirits or the folly of one who did not seek I AM’s Spirit? Has the Weaver truly foreordained our stars to collide and give birth to a star more dazzling than the two apart, or have all my wonderings been nothing more than moonshine from a broken fool of a moon?

I am well pleased for my King to do whatever He well pleases.

Although the fine strokes of my future remain hidden from me, my King’s commands ring loud and clear. In recent days He has opened my eyes to more of His wondrous plans as they unfold, and though I am not yet allowed to see in perfect clarity, what little I have glimpsed has left me trembling at His feet once more. But what else shall I say? What else can I do? This life I have received is His, for it is His Life living in me that has made me one of the Living, and I am well pleased for my King to do whatever He well pleases.

If I am called to hard places—to where the shadows are thicker than the poisoned air all the dead breathe, to where the fallen suns’ reign over the hearts of the dead is strongest, to where the War in the realms unseen crosses over most palpably into what even the dead can see—how shall it be for you and me? Before my heart wanders, the One who has called me answers; I am sobered and I find peace:

Only with the same heart can you join me where He is leading me. 

As with all visions and dreams, they shall be proven true when they come to pass, for all things that I AM has decreed shall be. If my heart is yours to keep, and if you are the one He has prepared to help me to accomplish the work He has entrusted me, then our paths will lead to the same journey to tell one story that He has woven for His glory. For our melodies were written to be sung in harmony, and there is none greater than the Weaver and none other who wrote our stories. Whether our songs are meant to blend into one or to be sung side by side in the grand chorus, we all sing one song—His Song of Songs—for the glory of One.

As I continue to be led down this road full of unknowns, held by the hand of the only One by whom I am fully known, the same hand that leads me will be the one to give me your hand to hold. Should we walk down the aisle together, then we shall know that we are indeed called to walk the same road until we are called home.