Isaiah 62:2

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The nations will see your vindication, and all kings your glory; you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow.

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|| 繁體中文 以賽亞書 62:2 || 简体中文 以赛亚书 62:2 ||
|| Tagalog Isaias 62:2 ||

January 03, 2020

Dear Moon,

I see you shining brightly in the dark skies of this Twilight Vale. I watch your star rising higher as more hearts fall under the spell of your enchanting smiles. I fear for you, for your inevitable fall when the Son appears and dawn breaks in to vanquish your night. I cannot catch your heart, but if your heart of stone must be broken to finally beat—fall, fall hard and let Him seize your heart to become your all in all.

Your dominion continues to spread across the seven oceans in this age where the messenger-gods have ascended to supremacy. Perhaps you cannot imagine a day when your face will be known even in a remote village high in the desert mountains, but in your native land you have become accustomed to shapeshifting to blend in and to remain unseen. Yet what does the young girl in the mirror see when she looks at you? Would you still wear the crowns, the chains, and the jewels from your lovers if you saw how you truly are in the light of the Son?

We were never meant to be suns and stars, dear one. Even now you are still a moon, for the light you shine with is not your own but merely that granted to you by the fallen suns who followed the prince of this world in rebelling against the Sovereign One and claimed the dominions I AM entrusted to them as their own. Your glory and your fame ultimately return to the lord you serve, and in The War there are only two sides. I find comfort as I hope in faith that just as I was taken captive by the King, He will surely come for you, too. With the eyes of faith, I see you for who you are meant to be, young queen.

Would you still wear the crowns, the chains, and the jewels from your lovers if you saw how you truly are in the light of the Son?

Dear Mirai みらい, how I pray for you to be captured from death and brought over into life! How I pray for soon to come sooner! When all of the lying lights have been stripped away from your soul, beyond the darkness and the void, your true glory shall be revealed. The nations and kingdoms who offered their sacrifices to you will marvel at the light, the True Light, the Light of the Worlds, blazing with Life’s life in every inch of your soul! Many will recoil in disgust and fear; those who claimed to be your lovers will curse you with their hate instead of their false love. Yet those who were once like you, those who will be touched by the Light, they will wonder and come closer, drawn no longer by sinister charms, but by the irresistible pull of grace in your eyes and in your smiles—eyes that have seen Truth and lips that have tasted Love, from a heart that has known that He is good.

Of all the names I can call you, none of them will ever be more precious than the new name that I AM Himself shall bestow upon you, a name that only you and your King will know.