Isaiah 62:3

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You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

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|| 繁體中文 以賽亞書 62:3 || 简体中文 以赛亚书 62:3 ||
|| Tagalog Isaias 62:3 ||

January 04, 2020

Dear Moon,

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful not because you are a goddess of beauty, for the charms of your divinity glow with the sinister light of darkness that fills this world. You are not beautiful because of your adornments, for those are the spoiled spoils stolen from heaven’s treasuries and twisted by this world of lies and its father. You are not beautiful because your worshippers can see your heart, for their eyes are blind and their mouths can only speak half-truths and lies as all the dead do. 

In the Light of the Son, you will know that there is not a hint of beauty in your soul.

In the Light of the Son, you will know that there is not a hint of beauty in your soul. Only wailing specters crying for justice remain of beauty corrupted beyond recognition. In the face of Beauty Himself, you will lose your existence not because of the shame of your inferiority, but because of the treasonous travesty you have become—you who were once the crowning glory of His creation—and Perfection cannot suffer any perversion in His presence. In the radiant glory of He who is Holy, Holy, Holy, what of you will remain if all darkness will be purified by the flames of His majesty?

The young girl, the true queen you were always meant to be shall be born again from the ashes.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful because you were formed in the likeness of Beauty, for in every stroke and turn of your being the Weaver’s marks glow. You are beautiful because He has washed you with His blood and adorned you with His kisses, for there is no greater treasure than the Darling One of the Worlds, than I AM Himself. You are beautiful because the King has given you a new heart, for the heart that beats in your chest is the same heart that once died and came back to life that you may know the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

In His scarred, pierced hands, beauty blooms from brokenness. He knew your darkness and how darkness would misshape you, but all along the Weaver’s hands were never idle. All will follow the will of the Ruler over All, and He has willed that all shall work for your good. If Perfect Beauty Himself is scarred, you can trust in His promise that you shall be beautiful because He has chosen each one of your scars.

You are beautiful, for Beauty Himself has called you, and He calls you Beautiful. He has made you beautiful, and His work remains undone until the day you become as beautiful as the Son.