Romans 9:25

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Those who were not my people I will call “my people,” and her who was not beloved I will call “beloved.”

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January 01, 2020

Dear Moon,

When you grow tired of the hollow adulation and ruinous adoration of your patrons, when you grow weary of being the sun at the center of their lives, when you have had enough of hearing and uttering the blasphemous curse of “I love you”—let go of your false divinity, the robe of golden chains choking your soul, and return to being the young girl in the mirror. In your darkest night, your heart-eyes will finally see the Light of the Worlds.

Dear Farah, you long for joy just as the name you were blessed with. You never cared for the accolades of a million people. You never sought the affection of a million lovers. You never wished to hold a million hearts in your hands. You only wished to find joy and to bring joy, but where has your searching led you?

You know, dear child, that the key to the elusive mystery of the joy you seek can be found in love. Yet how many times have you fallen in love only to be left broken by the fall? You rise up after picking up the scattered pieces of your heart. Then grief comes crashing as the scars scream, “You will never be whole again.” You willingly tore pieces of your heart to gift to the one you loved, hoping that he would fill it with a piece of his own. He kept it in his collection of trophies. He tossed it away without a second glance. He crushed it, spat on it, and threw it in your face. Your nights are haunted by the echoes of the empty spaces left by all the smiles, laughter, kisses, and tears stolen from you. Joy’s place is taken over by pain, fear, and despair, so you hid her deep inside the secret corners of your heart. “To keep her safe,” you tell yourself, but you know that you have locked her up because you can’t bear to look at your scars.

Yet how many times have you fallen in love only to be left broken by the fall?

Will you wait until your facade crumbles? Will you wait until disaster forcefully thrusts you down from your high place? Will you wait until the King rips your goddesshood from you and expose your shame? He is a relentless conqueror. He will never abandon His own. Nothing shall stand that bars His way from rescuing Joy. He spared nothing to make her whole and to make her joy complete. Go back, dear one! Remember the destiny you were blessed with upon your birth. Go back to being the young girl, hurt but never abandoned, and you shall find your Destiny sweeping you up into His mighty arms and branding you with His kisses. Hear Him declare the new name He has seared upon your brow and your lips: Beloved. My Beloved.

Do not be afraid, dear one. The false loves are frightful banes, but they are forced to flee in the fearsome power of True Love. You are right to fear Love, for He is not only Love—He is Joy, Majesty, Beauty, Mercy, Justice, Compassion, Righteousness, Grace, Perfection, Holiness, Glory. He is I AM. He is not safe, but there is no safer place than in His arms. 

I pray to meet you here, beloved, where Love found me—in His arms, where you were always meant to be.