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Genesis 6:5-7. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 2:1-7. Hosea 2:14-23.

The Lost Lands underneath the Veil were plunged into the chaos of the Void as the light of I AM had all but vanished from the hearts of the princes He had fashioned to be His Reflections. They scorned the Light of the Worlds for the light of the fallen suns who bestowed upon them the godhood they so desired. This light was no light but the darkness of death, and all of creation was bathed in the death reflected from the hearts of its fallen rulers. The Name of I AM had been silenced from the lips of men, but the Wailing Waters were not alone in their keening. Who could fathom the grief of I AM’s heart? Even as His Righteous Spirit moved to avenge the Sovereign’s Glory, His Wrath was never separated from His Sorrow and His Compassion. For He is the I AM who stands above Time and Eternity, the Weaver of the Song of songs. Twilight came as I AM’s tears fell upon the gods.

He will awaken the flames of true passion in her heart, and her ardor for him shall consume her soul as nothing she has ever known. In the fires of his love, he will refine her until her blind eyes are purified into glass purer than the rarest of diamonds, and her gaze shall finally behold the glory of the king. As her deaf ears melt, the pounding of her newborn heart shall burst into the melody of his Song of songs that it was always meant to sing. He will sear her lips with the blazing purity of his own and burn away any name that is not his from her mouth, and she will crave for no other as the flames of his love brand every inch of her being. His love shall never be extinguished, fueled by his zeal for her to know that she is his and he—the king of glory—is hers, and it shall burn long after she comes to truly know with all she is.