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Genesis 6:5-7:24. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 2:1-7. Hosea 2:14-23.

As I AM’s Spirit hovered over the waters of the Void in the beginning, He brought the First Age of the Exile to an end as the gates barring the Waters Above were opened and the seals over the Deep Depths were loosened. The world was washed away in I AM’s tears, and He took back His Breath of Life from the face of the Lost Lands. None escaped I AM’s Wrath. Not the beasts. Not the kings. Not the demigods. Not the gods. Not the fallen immortals. None can escape the Righteous Judge from avenging His Glory. Yet even in His Sorrow, the Song of I AM carried the last of the Exiles who remained true to His Name over the Wailing Waters. A Faithful Remnant from a single lineage among the princes of earth who kept their eyes fixed on the Heir of Promise. And the Heir of Promise would come, for as I AM had spoken, so shall His word come true. So shall His Word make it true.

She will call her prince by his name, but his name will no longer be empty syllables echoing from her lips, for her new heart now knows the king whose name flows from her song. Like a babe she will learn how to speak, and little by little, day by day, she will learn how to speak truth. He will teach her the words of truth and love in the depths of her new heart. He will wait patiently—as he has always—for the day when she shall call him “Beloved” with pure lips from a heart devoid of any lies. Like an infant she will learn to hear, and little by little, day by day, she will learn how to hear husband’s voice. He will teach her the words of her lifesong, his song in her life. He will wait patiently—and he always will—for the day when she shall sing with him with one voice and one heart.