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Genesis 9:18-28. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 3:1-5. Hosea 4.

The First Sojourner was not the Heir of Promise. The Second Age of the Exile was doomed as the First, for though a new king was made to rule over a new world, he came from the same line of fallen immortals under the slavery of death. The curse prevailed, for the flood waters had not washed away the darkness in the hearts of the Remnant. Like his father, the First Prince, the First Sojourner fell as he removed the covering of I AM’s grace to expose his naked shame. As the offspring of the First Prince and his Queen gave birth to the heroes and gods who were swept away by I AM’s wrath, with the same cursed blood did the First Sojourner’s sons fill the new world. The god of this new world remained unchanged, and the keening of the Wailing Waters did not cease. Soon the Shining One would have new pantheons of gods to serve under him and the powers and principalities under his command. Although I AM’s Tapestry of Colors declared His Mercy, the gods did not take heed. And we are all the sons and daughters of this lineage of cursed kings and queens. Yet all this was written long ago in the Song of songs. 

As she chases after her beloved, the rocky terrain of her past will send its specters to trip her feet. From a newborn who can barely see, her eyes will be opened to the blood of her impurity. From an infant who does not know what she hears, her ears will be opened to the curses of her adultery. From a child who lacks understanding, her mind will be opened to her true standing before her king. Yet like a newborn, her eyes still easily turn away from her beloved’s gaze, and like an infant she will ignore the filth to chase after what has caught her fancy. But she is no longer a child of the dead. She is no longer numb to the pain of her folly, and her new heart is no longer ignorant of the pain she inflicts upon her beloved. She will stumble. She will fall. But she will rise again. She will never stop chasing, knowing that her beloved prince will always be waiting.