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Genesis 11:1-4. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 3:6-11. Hosea 6:1-6.

The gods never learn. The gods never learn, for they cannot learn, doomed as they are to perdition. The bards of the dead unknowingly spoke hints of I AM’s truth when they sang of the cycles of destruction and creation, for a rebel’s heart is sick beyond all remedy. Twilight was upon the gods once more. I AM had re-established the rule of the princes of earth and appointed them to rule to the utmost corners of the seven oceans. The earth was given to them as their dominion, but in the spirit of the First Rebel they sought instead to enter I AM’s Court. One in their wickedness and hubris, they built a mountain of bricks in the manner of the Holy Mount and a city in the manner of the Garden-Court, declaring to the children of man that divinity was grasped by their own hands.

The gods never learn, for they cannot learn, doomed as they are to perdition.

There was no treasure in the world which he did not possess. Who could keep a count of all the riches in his royal vaults? The merchants of the seven oceans lament in defeat, for what rare and exotic gift can they bring to the king who has everything? There was no kingdom or power that could match his might. Who could best the strength of the warriors under his command? The armies of the nations tremble at the mere whisper of their names brought by the winds, for who can stand before the terror of the invincible lords of war? There was no one who could silence his fame. Who has not seen or heard of his beauty and majesty? There is no other darling in the heavens above or the earth below, for he was the only and beloved son of the high king who rules over all. O, how could she have known? How could such a prince love her so?