Who We Are

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We will sing the lifesong we were called to sing,
until our voices can truly sing the Song of songs together as one.

Hearts Unveiled is a collection of creative writing: a reflection of the truths of the Bible through poetry, stories, journal entries, articles, and letters through the eyes of two characters—Joseph Charles and Jayson Sear. At times epic in scope, at times intimate, these writings will move the mind and touch the heart.

Aside from Scripture, the major influences behind Hearts Unveiled include East Asian culture, the medical field, languages, and high fantasy to name a few.

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  • Read through Jayson Sear’s meditations and reflections in the Soujourner’s Log.
  • Be inspired by Jayson Sear’s heartfelt letters and prayers for his Dear Moon.
  • Explore the world of language learning with Dr. Charles and Sir Jayson in Dragonriding Diaries.
  • Love poetry? Or do you prefer prose? Find Dr. Charles’ powerful pieces of both and everything in between in Worddancing.

We look forward to journeying with you.

From Death . . .

I was born dead. It should not sound strange, since I was born in a world of the dead. The Old Ones called the world Babel. Nowadays, people call it Earth or its equivalent in their own tongues. Our world exists underneath a dome the Old Ones called the Great Sea. Most people just call it Space, but few are left who can see as the Old Ones saw the world. Yet even the Old Ones could only see as blind men do, for there is an Unseen Veil wrapped around the Great Sea and all within it.

I was born dead. That all changed on the day Life found me and took me captive. That day the Veil was broken through, and I was violently wrested away from my world. I found myself standing on the shores of the World Above, what its people called the Kingdom. This world existed with Babel but not within Babel. The two worlds are like overlapping images, Babel below and the Kingdom above.

I became a prisoner-of-war in a war of worlds I did not know was raging long before the days of the Old Ones. For now, the two worlds seem largely separate, although the realms intersect in many places. But it only seems that way to those trapped by the Veil.

I was born dead. The King of Life conquered me and claimed me as his own. His name in one of Babel’s tongues is Immanuel Yeshua. He raised me from the Great Sea and brought me into his Kingdom. Here at the edges of eternity, his Breath entered me for the first time. I tasted Life for the first time. I was never the same. 

I longed to go to the King’s City, to the city of my new Sovereign, to the King’s wedding banquet. The entire Kingdom was preparing for the wedding—every citizen was invited!— but as I took my first breath, I was drafted into the Kingdom’s army. They dressed me in wedding garments, the uniform of my new office, and I was inducted as a mourner, the King himself bestowing upon me a new name.

I was born dead. Now I live. I am a mourner in wedding dress. I was sent back to the Wailing Waters, to wander the Lost Lands, to sing the song of the Bridegroom for anyone who would hear his invitation. Here you will find the verses overflowing from my lifesong as I serve as a sojourner at the frontlines of the Kingdom.

I mourn for the Lost Lands as I long for the world to be reborn and to join the World Above. I mourn for the deep darkness of the Wailing Waters as I lament over the remnants of the Unseen Veil clouding the vision even of those of the World Above. I mourn for you as I long for you to be born and to see you—to laugh with you, to mourn with you, to hope with you, to sing with you—in this World Above. I mourn for now even as I hope for the day when my mourning will end, and these ashes I wear shall be replaced with the morning dew. Maranatha!

. . . To Life

The god of this world is relentless. No matter how much time has passed since I first changed sides, I still have much to learn in the arts of warfare. The War has its own seasons. In this time when victories come one after another and blessing upon blessing overflows, last night and this morning, I did not endure. I did not persevere. I chose death.

I came before the Throne of Grace, and Grace opened my eyes once more to my utter helplessness apart from Him, how I am steeped in iniquity from my mother’s womb. As I was sobering from the aftermath, I begged my Sovereign for wisdom, knowing that He rules over all things—including our willful rebellion—for His glory.

If I AM is the Sovereign of All, even over each of our willful transgressions, then in boldness I will claim in faith His promise, spoken in the Songs of the Word, that He shall make me unable to choose death! We do not fight only as those who were dead but are now alive and justified; we fight as those who were once dead but now alive and glorified, through faith in what He has promised us to become, through faith in the King of kings who is the First fruit of the Promise! My iniquities were not only all forgiven when the King of Life was swallowed up by death on a tree; each of my transgressions are numbered! One day I shall fall for the last time and fall again no more. For every breed of rebellion in me, why should I not ask I AM for this one to be the last of its kind? The King of Life could not be tempted from within because of His perfect nature. Life now in me means I share in His divine nature, for I am no longer bound to the cursed divinity of the kingdom of lies.

We wield the Sword of I AM’s Spirit, the Songs of the Word, by destroying the lies blurring Truth, Who stands risen though He was slain, before our eyes. The Songs of the Word is not a mirror to show our filth; the filth on the mirror obscures who we truly are: We are the oaks of righteousness of the King who hung on a tree but ascended on high. We are holy. He has already made us so. We do not move toward perfection by being perfected incrementally. We have already been made perfect—the harlot-turned-bride a virgin once more.

The gradual change of our natures is a transformation from one degree of glory to another, a revelation of the mysterious both-now-and-yet-to-be. This bridal procession of sanctification is the unveiling to reveal who she already is—the crowning glory of I AM’s creation, and among the princes of the earth, the Glory of man in the Son of Man, Immanuel Yeshua, in whom we are glorified—all to His glory.

Faith is knowing this is true now. Hope is the fruit of Faith that the consummation of this promise will come soon and has begun even now. It shall be so, for Love has sung it to be so. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Epitaph || Dedication

To you, born without breath and with a heart of stone,
Child of the Lost Lands beneath the Wailing Waters,
Hear the pleas of one who was stolen from these shores,
Of a former kinsman, though you know me no more:

I cry out to you from beyond the Unseen Veil,
I sing the Song of Songs that breathed into me Life;
Let this mournful prelude melt your heart without fail,
Till the wedding march swells with your voice in the Vale.