“Melancholily Bemused”

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Lively sprite, with your eyes full of wonder,
Irresistibly I gained your favor;
Though grateful for the spell I am under,
Do you know of this bittersweet flavor?

My muse in this life, this season, this day,
The light I received from your smiles, your voice,
Your glances and your words—I cannot say
If they were sent my way, by chance or choice?

Sweet nymph of unknown birth and origin,
Between us is a gap I cannot cross:
I am an immortal in mortal skin;
What awaits is only heartache and loss.

Little Anja, I pray my heart be wrong,
That you do not seek what you will not find,
For only when our hearts sing the same song
Will you know that true love is never blind.

  May 25, 2017  [Originally written: 2017.05.19]

|| Thank you, little sprite.